These are banners promoting events at GameTime locations and included features on billboards and magazines to name a few. The first banner promotes the introduction of a new arcade machine in the venue and the two other banners promote one of the many UFC events watch party hosted at GameTime.

The next graphic is a table tent to promote a drink special at GameTime restaurant. These are displayed on tables around the restaurant through out the duration of the special.

As part of tradition at North Broward Preparatory school, the School community always joins the Chinese students in celebrating the Chinese new years - including other events like the "stop Asian hate" project which was intended to promote comradary with the rest of the school population

Logo and business card for a poet

Booklet for all GameTime restaurant locations highlighting services, promotions and events provided at each location.

College project on creating a clothing line logo using the word "bloom"

Logo for a client based in Tennessee and owner of a mountain coaster.

T.shirt logo for a walkathon to raise money for TeamSeas a global campaign remove plastic trash from our oceans.